I felt the stress and negative feelings flow away

After a long search I ended up at Ayurveda palms. The first treatment with Dr. Sanghita was very special to me. I myself was quite skeptical in the beginning, but that changed immediately after the first treatment. I felt the stress and negative feelings flow away. This was really special for me! After that I immediately felt very calm and reborn, and had no stress at all. After each treatment I feel a lot better and stronger every time.
Dr. Sanghita is also a sweet and soothing woman who thinks along with you and is very honest. I am very happy and grateful to have found Ayurveda palms and recommend it to everyone.



I was looking for peace of mind

I came to Dr. Sangitha through a good friend of mine who told me she could help me. I was looking for peace of mind. The first session I felt very welcome from the start and it was emotional. I was confronted with this dark energy that I have carried with me for a long time. Doctor Sangitha supported me to identify the weakness and helped me release some of this stagnant energy. After the first session I immediately felt a change, I felt lighter on my shoulders. I came to the second session with an open heart and a lot more energy. This time we agreed that Dr. Sanghita will help me "make my head stronger". After a while, during her massage - I tried to block out all the ideas and impressions that were still in my head - I felt very light physically, as if I was entering a REM phase within seconds, but I was totally aware and felt this bright light in my forehead. I focused on this light and all ideas disappeared. It was a brief moment, but it felt clear in my heart. At the end of the session, Dr. Sangitha told me that I felt my third eye was completely open so that the energy could just flow from head to toe. Thank you Dr. Sangitha.



After each treatment you will feel completely balanced again

Ayurveda palms are amazing looking at you and taking care of you from a holistic and personal point of view, they always take the time for you and always try to match a personal lock for you to get the full treatment you need. After each treatment you feel completely balanced, motivated and full of energy. Sangitha is gifted to treat and heal your entire body and mind with her magical fingers. After so many years I come back here, and I would recommend it to everyone!



I had many stress complaints and a desire to have children

4 years ago I went to Ayurveda Palms on the advice of a colleague because I had a lot of stress complaints and a desire to have children. With the help of treatments and the special and hopeful conversations with Mrs. Sangeetha, my wish came true. Now almost 4 years later I have visited Mrs. Sangeetha again with stress complaints and after 5 treatments, supplemented with Ayurvedic supplements, I feel a lot better and I feel that I can handle the stress better. Mrs. Sangeetha is a special and dedicated woman. She reassures you and gives you the feeling that you can take it again. Thank you!



I was overwhelmed with college studies, had trouble concentrating, and felt disconnected

When I first came to Ayurveda Palms I was looking for balance, but I got a lot more. I was lucky enough to meet Sanghita, a wonderful person full of love and healing powers. I got to know Ayurveda Palms during a very stressful period of my life; I was overwhelmed with college studies, had trouble concentrating, felt disconnected, and thought too much about every little thing. After only 3 sessions I felt the difference. Sanghita has the ability to read and understand what you need and gives you more. Not only did I feel better, but I also regained confidence in myself and became more connected to the inner self. Often times, worry about our physical self takes over and we forget to stay connected with our inner self.
I am eternally grateful to Sanghita for her help, teachings and for making me part of Ayurveda Palms.



Within one month I had more energy and I was relieved of a lot of stress

While looking for a beautician, I came across Ayurveda Palms. During my first treatment I found out that I had met a special woman named Sangitha who has done a lot for me. During my treatment it turned out that there was so much more to my hormone balance and that there was a vitamin deficiency. On the advice of Sangitha, I started the prescribed supplement the same day. In addition, I started with an Ayurvedic cleansing cure of 3 and received guidelines for the most beneficial nutrition for my type. Within 1 month I had more energy and I was relieved of a lot of stress. In addition to the facials, I regularly had my chakras opened by Sangitha. Visiting Sangitha has made my life a lot more energetic, without any major change in my daily routine, I didn't do much differently, but I have more energy than before. Now I know more about Ayurveda and I use Ayurvedic beauty products every day, which are specially made by Sangitha.



Sangitha has helped me tremendously to regain balance in my life

Sangitha and her team have helped me tremendously to regain balance in my life. Through treatments, conversations, nutritional advice and tips for exercising at home. Very practical and logical! Sangitha gives you insight into the connections in your daily life, your body and your emotional life. How everything affects each other and how you can best deal with this. It's an interaction. I have to be open to it and get to work at home. Sangitha will help you in the right direction. I couldn't have done it without her. Thank you!



My daughter had been suffering from hair loss and stress for some time

We have had a very special experience here. I was looking for an Ayurvedic doctor / counselor for my daughter who has been suffering from hair loss and stress for some time. I just wanted her to be properly examined but had no idea who was good and reliable, so I just went by the many positive reviews because I had no experience with it myself. I myself believe in alternative medicine, but my daughter was very skeptical about this. To my surprise my daughter called me after the first treatment and told me that she was already feeling a lot better. Sangitha-ji has a lot of patience and immediately knew the root of the problem. It's just great.