Purpose of life


Sangitha was and is my guiding light

Sangitha ji is my spiritual guru. Having a scientific mind, I never gave much importance to spiritual growth. She was and is my guiding light . I recommend Ayurveda Palms for emotional and spiritual counseling.



She helped me in the journey and purpose of my life

Dr. Khosla is one of a kind in alternative medicine and holistic healing for the mind and body. I personally like to call her my guru as she has helped me immensely in finding and managing a healthy lifestyle, especially between 1.my body (cured my stress-induced chronic back pain through her yoga / Ayurvedic teachings and treatments), 2. and my mind (through meditation and pranayama), but more importantly, helped guide me in the journey and purpose of my life. Every interaction with her is done with great care, warmth and an enlightening moment. You always leave Ayurveda Palms full of positive energy and want to share it with the world around you. Unfortunately I have since moved from Rotterdam, but it has been a privilege to learn and benefit from her work in healing and teaching.



In that moment of insecurity and fears, I was not doing well

I would like to share my experience and gratitude for Ayurveda Palms. Sangithaji is absolutely wonderful !! At that moment of uncertainty and fears I was really not doing well and we did an online healing session and this was great, in just one session I felt myself back in my body and in peace. I definitely recommend it and all the love she has to give. I feel like a gift that I met her on my life path and I am grateful that she was open to me and my family and treated all of us with such respect and care. Many blessings to you Sangithaji, family and Natascha!



Sangitha's treatments have removed many blockages in me

Ayurveda Palms gives me such a homey feeling. You will be welcomed with open arms and always guided and treated in a personal way. I feel more relaxed and myself every time. The treatments from Sangitha have removed many blockages in me, so that I can find stability and peace after a long time. I am very grateful to her and this place.